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Welcome to the BodyTite Forum



Welcome to the BodyTite Forum,

The aim of this forum is to allow people to share their experiences of the new Invasix BodyTite Liposuction Treatment.

We welcome input from people who are considering the procedure and also those who have already had BodyTIte.

We also welcome postings from BodyTite Clinics but we would request that if you represent a particular Clinic that you let people know when posting about experiences or before offering advice.

Please read the rules before posting and don't forget to post something in the Welcome thread to introduce yourself!

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RFAL stands for Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction and is Invasix’s proprietary technology that combines suction, radiofrequency and a body tightening mechanism. Radiofrequency is a highly reliable energy source that has been used in several medical applications for almost 100 years, such electrosurgical devices used for tissue coagulation.

Controlled & Directional Heating

In the BodyTite handpiece, RFAL energy is deployed from an internal cannula to an external electrode, generating focused energy into the adipose tissue and fatty areas. The directional application of RFAL is precise and controlled to heat specific targets without thermal injury to surrounding tissue. Furthermore, the geometric design of the handpiece and size of the electrodes provides an exact science to how much heat is generated on the skin’s surface, preventing unwanted thermal build-up.

By focusing the energy, physicians achieve more efficient energy usage, without scattering heat to surrounding tissues. Furthermore, this provides a quicker treatment, allowing the tissue to reach optimal temperatures faster.

Consistent Energy Levels

The unique capability of RF versus other energy sources, such as laser, is the ability to measure the power absorbed into the tissue. RFAL can measure exact heating effects on tissue, whereas with lasers you can only measure laser output from the applicator, without regard for energy loss through space, time and absorption.

Uniform Treatment Area

The ability to actively monitor skin temperature and impedance means a uniform treatment resulting in a more attractive body contour. A thermocouple in the handpiece monitors dermal temperature levels while the system provides auditory and visual feedback on treatment progress, combined with the intelligent software featuring cut-off precautions, BodyTite treatment results are uniform with the highest degree of safety.

RFAL provides measurable and uniform results

Significant Skin Contraction & Body Firming

The thermal effects create effective coagulation of adipose, vascular and connective tissues with precise dermal warming for significant contour enhancement and skin contraction. Optimal skin contraction is not only dependent on attaining critical temperature, but also on maintaining that temperature for a prolonged duration both uniformly and safely. With the built in features of the RFAL device, physicians can maximize their body firming capabilities.

“With competing systems, you may attain as much as 10% improvement in skin tightening. But BodyTite truly causes skin contraction, if used correctly. With BodyTite, you can actually measure skin contraction. With one treatment, I am seeing up to 40% skin retraction.” says Diane Duncan, MD.

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